NBA 2K19 Locker Codes 2019

Locker Codes can be a good addition for those players who do not really want to grind the game and are looking to just have fun while playing. I can pay for the $100 legends edition and spend like $60 extra on VC during my time playing NBA 2k19 and I won’t come close to teams where people are spending hundreds or more weekly on the game.

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In NBA 2K19, pack openings in MyTEAM will be a much more streamlined experience that will get you through your packs in a significantly quicker fashion! With NBA 2K19’s new MyTEAM landing, you will always know when new content is added to the game! The team here really wanted to do something a little different with Throwback players in NBA 2K19.

nba 2k19 locker codes

As a user, it also gives you the chance to answer the question of, ‘What would it be like if I could play this player alongside this other player?’ The fantasy aspect of the mode is just so unique and compelling to me. As an NBA history junkie, I can’t enough of these players in MyTEAM. The special thing about these cards is that when the player has a great game in real life, their Heat Check card within MyTEAM will activate for a period of 48 hours. No matter where you play in NBA 2K19’s MyTEAM, you will earn Reward Tokens for your progress.

What rewards can I get?

Prizing for these drops will be completely dynamic and can include anything from MyTEAM Points, Reward Tokens, custom Triple Threat card packs, and exclusive limited release cards that will make an appearance during select times of the year (like I explained above in the Triple Threat section). Prizes will be completely dynamic and can include MyTEAM Points, Reward Tokens, custom Triple Threat card packs, and on occasion, some truly unique MyTEAM cards that won’t be found anywhere else in the game! In addition to earning MyTEAM Points, this board can also gift you with Reward Tokens, custom Triple Threat card packs, and exclusive limited release cards that will make an appearance during select times of the year.

Diamond Locker Codes for NBA 2K19

An ultra-rare card type, Galaxy Opals are the BEST cards in NBA 2K19’s MyTEAM. The next set of items I want to talk about are all of the new Game Modes we have created for you inside NBA 2K19’s MyTEAM. That activity will come via new packs, new exclusive insert cards into existing packs, a new design for Moments cards, and a dramatic increase in Locker Codes to fill the days when there isn’t necessarily new content planned. You can also get free double down codes here

Does PSN Codes Generator Really Work?

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Does the generator need to be downloaded?

PSN code generator are built with PHP and all the codes are processed and given online. If you are looking to get the codes please use the website above to obtain legitimate codes.

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Yes you need to provide the valid info in the verification test in order to prove you are human. All the codes are assigned to every person who is searching for the codes. Each single code given is equivalent to $50 so you need to prove your identity. Our system will automatically detect fraudulent information make sure you have to finish the offers to fully verify your identity.

Final Verdict

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