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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review

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The new installment of the Animal Crossing franchise just arrived last March 2020, and we can’t deny that a lot of people are excited about this. It has been 3 years before the 8th installment arrives and it is driving people insane especially tons of countries and cities are on quarantine, which means more time to play. Today we will be talking about the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review.

Online Multiplayer still are not improving

animal crossing:new horizons

I am surprised that after all these decades, Nintendo is still not fixing this issue. It needs a rework so that it would be a true drop-in/dropout. The system is reported to stop for a minute when someone else joins. Giving the mega players who are playing Animal Crossing every day, we can’t expect this one not to be troublesome.

Only if Nintendo uses dedicated servers, then it would be a better case scenario.

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UI Upgrades

This is a nice move by Nintendo because it gives a different vibe from the previous one. Furthermore, they managed to preserve the nostalgia just like when you are playing Pokemon. This is more like an OG version of the 1990s (when the first Animal Crossing was released).

Furthermore, this will attract more young players into their platform because of this UI that is very relaxing and easy to hover. This is the first requirement for those players to get addicted to this game.

Crafting Changes In the latest installment, it is reportedly said that the players are now forced to craft the selected tools from the sticks and rocks. However, you can always upgrade your tools with iron ingots after.

Overall just like Animal Crossings’ 2017, is good and nothing to be furious about.


I am just hands down with how it looks today. When I started playing Animal Crossing last 3 weeks ago, I can’t even sleep 8 hours fully because I got addicted to it. The different vibe of the progress inside the game and how fun it is to see other people around is just awesome.

From chopping some tree, from the way the character walks, the personalization of your character and the maps, you can clearly say that 3 years is so much worth it if this will be the value that we will get.


I honestly have no words from New Horizons because everything is so perfect (except the multiplayer that needs to be reworked). If you are just new on this game, I assure you that this is the best game you can even play this quarantine season. Graphics 5/5, role playing 5/5, almost everything is perfect.

Just remember to watch some guides first to guide you in your Animal Crossing journey since this game process is also gated by real-life days. So the progress might be a little bit slow, but it is fun since mixing a concept of real-life day scenario in a game just made it better and makes the game more addicting.What do you think about this article? Please make sure to leave your comments down below.