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Best GBA Emulator That You Need To Try Right Now

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Gameboy Emulator brings back the old childhood memories. Did you remember the time you played Pokemon on your device? If yes, then this article will be for you. Here is the list of best gba emulator that you may use on your computer.

1.) No$GBA Emulator

NoCash GBA Emulator or No$GBA Emulator is free of charge and one of the best emulators today.

What’s the catch?

The difference of using this emulator into others is that it also supports Nintendo DS games, so it means that you can play other games outside Gameboy too. This is very unusual for any emulator since they only support one platform to work.

no$gba emulator

What else? It also supports a Multiplayer mode. This works on connecting to other No$GBA Emulators as well, and of course, you need the Internet to work this function. According to the reports, this becomes so handy and very helpful right now especially if you are playing Pokemon. 

How? When you are trading Pokemon or you want to fight other trainers, then you can enjoy every feature that is being offered by the game. 

2. Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M)

Another popular GBA emulator that ever exists on the internet. They said that if you are a GBA fan, then you should’ve heard this name before. This emulator is also free to use and the “M” in the (VBA-M) is the latest version, so you should download the latest one to avoid some problems in the future!


This GBA is very famous because of its simplicity and it is very easy to use. They boast their features that VBA-M can even run Gameboy (GB) or Gameboy Color (GBC) Random-access memories, which is very uncommon as well since most of the other emulators do support only one on these two.

It also has a full-screen mode so that you can enjoy your game fully without the borders. 


MGBA is a good emulator as well. It has some basic functionalities just like every other emulator has. But the catch here is that you can run code inside the emulator which not all has so that you can have an advantage in the game.

mgba demo

If you are playing something very hard to complete or you are having trouble passing onto the next round, MGBA can help you to make your games easier.

4. Higan GBA Emulator

This emulator is on the list because there is a reason. According to some of the die-hard GBA gamers that we interviewed, HIGAN GBA provides the very simplest way to play a game and of course, this emulator is free. It is also capable to run in almost any GBA ROM, so it provides more catering to the users. 

Some of the ROM genres that are very popular that it supports are GBC, Famicom, Game Gear, Sega Master System, and Super Famicom.

higan demo

One of the best parts of using this emulator is it displays the original colors that you are playing from the original consoles too, so you can enjoy playing authentically and feeling the nostalgia even more.

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