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How to get Slotomania Free Coins that Works in 2020?

Slotomania is a game that simulates the life of a casino player. You as a user can play different kinds of slot machines, just like when you are in a casino as well. Some players get lucky, some players don’t. But in this topic, you will learn how to get slotomania free coins without doing any survey.

But first, open this link to get your coins for free

Why do People want Free Coins?

Many people are searching for links about slotomania coins. One reason they have is that they want to get free spins and coins to play with the game. Another reason is that, they don’t want to spend their own money to purchase this upgrade from slotomania.

People might not know but the first step to getting slotomania coins for free is to follow the instructions given by the developer itself to get free coins.

How do you get Slotomania Free Coins?

One step here is by clicking the link that will make you verify your account like email. In this way, they will know that you are not a bot and because you are a real player, you will receive free coins. Pretty easy right?

The next step is by downloading the link via Google Play or Apple Store. In this case, the moment you downloaded it and opened it in your phones, you are now eligible to get other slotomania free coins.

This is the most common and the most legal thing to do in slotomania. Since you are first time player, Slotomania will give you lots of bonuses to hook you up into their game.

Slotomania’s Loyalty program

After you received your first welcome bonus (one-time only), you are now eligible to access the prestigious loyalty program and you are already in there. The more you grind your level and devoting your time to slotomania, the more coins you will get, and you can even get millions of it.

For you to be able to see your progress, just play any of the slotomania’s games and sooner or later you won’t realize that your level is high already.

Connecting your Facebook Account

This is the best thing about Slotomania, the more you verify yourself the more coins you will get. When you connect your Facebook account whether you are using Android or Apple phones, you will receive coins just by verifying it.

When you click the icon on the left side of the Slotomania’s platform, you can get the bonus. Just imagine you get 20,000 worth of coins in few seconds just by verifying your authenticity and social media account supporting it.

This amount of coins are big enough for the starters of the game. Unless you are a high-roller or something, there is no reason for you not progressing into this game quickly.

You can get special rewards also by connecting your Facebook account which can be found in SR program.

Collecting Slotomania Rewards Program [SR]

According to their website, Slotomania Rewards is a VIP club where the more SR points you earn, the more rewards you can get. It is also mentioned that the membership is free of charge, so you do not need to buy something.

It has 6 membership tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Royal Diamond, and Black Diamond.

If you do not know what kinds of rewards that Slotomania Rewards Program gives, these are some:

Coin Packages – All purchases of your coin which are made under the “buy coins” button would be multiplied. The number of multipliers is depending on your current SR status. That is why the higher your status, the more chances for you winning big.

SR Points – just like in any other membership status, the higher your SR status is, the higher the SR points you will get.

Coin Gifts – If you have a group of friends that are also paying Slotomania, they can get a gift as well. Again, the higher your status is, the higher multipliers to be given. This is only available if you connected your Facebook account already [ will give you 10,000 coins for the first sign up bonus as well]

Free Spin Gift’s Bet – If you have a circle of friends that is currently a member of Slotomania SR points program, once they send a gift to you then you will have a spin. The higher your SR is, the higher bets you can get. This is available only with Facebook connect so make sure to sign up and verify your social media profile

Lucy’s Daily Gift – You will have a Daily gift from Lucy. The gift will be multiplied according to your SR standing.

Fan Page Gifts – If you think that the gifts you get from Slotomania’s Fan page cannot be multiplied well you are wrong. The multiplier will depend on your SR status and it should be connected to your Facebook as well, just like the other benefits above.

VIP lounge games – Slotomania players will have exclusive access to the games inside the VIP lounge. More games will be played when your status is higher as well.

Wall post gifts – Once you click the Facebook wall post of your friend, you will receive a gift. The higher your tier is, the better rewards you will get. Again, you will get it if your Facebook account is connected into your Slotomania account.

Small note:

The rewards that you will get into this program are not convertible into cash. So if you are a die-hard player, you better use it all.

This is a good thing as well to help the players to grind in Slotomania and it is not that expensive to level up in the program. If you are missing out, you better get into this program while it lasts.


Slotomania is a very fun game to play and very easy to master. However, in this type of game, it is important to have a huge amount of coins so that you can withstand if ever you have a stroke of bad luck in a day.

doubledown codes

10 Doubledown Codes You Can Use for FREE

If you are a die-hard casino player and someone who is playing a lot of casino games at your home, I am sure you’ve heard of DoubleDown.

This game has been developed by DoubleDown Interactive and currently available on iOS and Android. Before we start this guide, You need to make sure that you open this link to start getting your free doubledown codes.

DoubleDown Casino is one of the biggest online casinos in the world and there is no doubt that a lot of people are playing this game. Some of the game modes that they are providing in their application are Free Slots, Free roulette, Free BlackJack, Free Video Poker, and Free Bingo. 

This is a good platform if you want to jumpstart your gambling career. In this game, you can play with virtual coins which you will bet and at the end of every table, the one who has a higher combination in hand plus in table wins. 

That is why a lot of people who just started here are losing their virtual money is because they are not educated enough to learn and they do all in every single time.

Now the free spins are just icing on the cupcake and you would need this extra help so that you can have more time to master the game and win more of your games. 

List of DoubleDown promo codes that don’t expire that you can get for free

These codes are great for the new players who just installed DoubleDown Casino in their Android and Apple phones. This will help them to boost their gameplay and have deeper pockets to gamble because it takes time before they can master this game, which will patiently kill you if you are not that good.

RBXNQD – 1,000,000 Chips

KKGHKK – 1,000,000 Chips

DHKLHP – 1,000,000 Chips

REWJPG – 1,000,000 Chips

GUTXQP – 1,000,000 Chips

WQMVRD – 1,000,000 Chips

BKWZDD – 1,000,000 Chips

Disclaimer: If you redeemed any of the codes below then you cannot redeem it again. It is a one time code only.

For more promo codes, you can scroll down below

QMZDPN – 200,000 Chips 

KMCFCZ – 200,000 Chips

BJKDLD – 200,000 Chips 

XZNQLJ – 50,000 Chips 

GTBWBJ – 50,000 Chips 

DXZFVK – 50,000 Chips 

GWCCFC – 50,000 Chips 

RFDDWP – 100,000 Chips 

TQZKFG – 200,000 Chips 

VGKBZJ – 250,000 Chips 

RVRHQM – 200,000 Chips 

XVVDVQ – 250,000 Chips

doubledown screenshot


Again, if you have redeemed any of the Double Down Casino (DDC) promo codes below then you cannot redeem it any more. It is a one time code that doesn’t expire.

How to Redeem this doubledown codes?

  1. Open the Double Down Application 
  2. You need to find the Buy Chips window.
  3. When you click the window, a new window will pop in
  4. Copy and paste the DDC promo code that we gave at the top
  5. Enjoy your free reward!


  1. For the Android devices and Kindle Fire, the promo code field has an “EXTRA” label on it. Please do not be confused.
  2. For the iOS users, we regret to say that the promo codes cannot be redeemed by anyone. However, you can still collect the free chips by the codes we have provided above this article.

Do not forget to share this article so that more people will be aware of this current DoubleDown Codes that don’t expire.

What are other things I can redeem?

You as a Double Down casino player can play the roulette every day to win rewards. If you are lucky, you can get more than we provided at the top. Most of the rewards here are pretty much low so we will recommend you to redeem everything above before doing this.

Also when you are playing every day, there are some milestones that when you hit, you will get a reward from it. Just imagine, you are playing and you redeem rewards as well. If your game that time is good then you just win it two times!

How to Avoid Scammers who are giving DoubleDown codes as well?

  • Always remember that this type of person is targeting people who don’t have extensive knowledge at that game.
  • If they are asking about your personal information including your username and password, then that is the red flag that they are a scammer. Always remember that the Game Masters of Double Down Casino doesn’t ask for your personal information. 
  • If they are asking you to click something that will require you to enter your personal information. Most of the time this type of website is phishing that is aiming to replicate the website of the game and to get the personal information so that they can change your credentials including your username and password so that they can get everything on your account.
  • If they are asking you to download a cheat engine application on your desktop or in your mobile that randomly generates a code that you can enter. Always remember that this type of thing doesn’t work and even the developers know it so hard that they need to make their defenses in their application better because if not, they will just lose their money and a bunch of freeloaders will just milk their game.


DoubleDown Casino is such a fun game to play and if you get skilled on it then you have a better chance of winning in the real money. However, we regret to say that most of the people who are finding codes online are losing their money because there are more scams than legitimate ones. 

We cannot do anything on this part but you can do your part by sharing this article with your beloved friends and to the groups who are playing this kind of game so that they cannot get the bad experience again.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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