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How to Get FREE Robux that Works ALL THE Time

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Roblux is one of the most popular games in the Internet right now especially this Quarantine season, and I am sure that most of us here wants to know how to get free Robux. Before going to the methods or steps, we need to know what robux is.

What is Robux?

It is the Virtual currency in the Roblox game. This can be used by the gamer to upgrade their Avatar or even buy special abilities while in game.

Keep in mind..

Roblux announced that there is no such thing as Robux Generators that exist. They stated that this is a legitimate scam and anyone who encounters it must report it via Report Abuse system.

Check this FAQ from Roblox

Furthermore, there is no such thing as FREE, and it is only sold by the Roblux company.

With that said, I will show you FREE methods that need your work for you to get FREE Robux in exchange of your time.

METHODS In Getting Free Robux

1. PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is a legitimate company that is offering free points in exchange of answer their surveys, doing some small task and even inviting your friends into the platform. When you reach a certain amount of threshold, then you can exchange for any items like gift cards including Amazon, iTunes, and more.

2. Giveaways

If you are a big fan of Roblux games, then I am sure that you watched some of the videos on YouTube or the streamers on Twitch. Most of these people have something in their pockets and since it its their business, then maybe you can sneak to get those giveaways that they are orchestrating.

These streamers and content creators tend to do giveaways once in a while, and that is the best spot for you to get Robux for free.

This time, the streamers paid Roblux to get Robux, so this is not technically free. But you will get it for free if you are a lucky winner. However, it is still a chance.

How can you get more??

Make sure to subscribe to their channels, and do not stick with one streamer / content creator, the more you follow and the more you join in those giveaways, there will be higher chance for you to win.

3. Trade your unused items for Robux.

There are really limited options available for getting Robux for free. If you want, you can pull out your unused Amazon, Google gift card or PSN gift card in exchange for someone that got Robux which is interested on the items that you don’t like.

This is still not technically free, but you are doing it legally since the people you are trading with either paid it or it is just given to him and it happens that he / she do not like the game.

Where I will find this people??

You can find this people on the websites that I will give below.

Please take note that you should be careful as well before transacting to avoid being scammed. The website is not a scam but the people inside of it might be. There is always a snake in every grass in any country.

4. Survey Websites

I am sure you are very tired seeing this suggestion again for you. But let’s face the truth, doing this is a lot more better than easy generators that has a high chance for you getting hacked. Will you pick the easier and proven not working way or doing the work and get the prize legitimately?

Just like PointsPrizes, there are tons of websites that are offering the same in exchange of doing surveys, doing small tasks, watching some advertisements, or even referring them people.

Some of these websites are:

  • Swagbucks – This is the most popular because they are running this for decades now. The gift cards that they are offering are Amazon, PayPal, Walmart, Visa, and iTunes. For you to get Robux, you can choose PayPal as a payment option.
  • Survey Junkie – The gift cards that they are offering are Amazon, PayPal, Sephora, Target, and Starbucks. For you to get Robux, you can choose PayPal again as a payment option.
  •  InboxDollars – The gift cards that they are offering are Amazon, almost all of the shoe brands and Google Play. For you to get Robux, you can choose Google Play as a payment option.
  •  Prize Rebel – The gift cards that they are offering are iTunes, Paypal, Apple store, and any gift card to the largest neighborhood that literally has everything you want. For you to get Robux in this website, you can choose PayPal as a payment option.
  •  PointsPrizes – The gift cards that they are offering are almost everything that you think. For you get Robux in this website, you can choose Paypal, Google Play, or even Amazon as a payment option

Tons of websites this decade is not operating anymore because of COVID-19 and others didn’t sustain the business. So please be mind and check the reviews first before entering the survey website of your choice. The more the merrier but if you cant redeem it and it Is a scam, then that would be clearly waste of time.

How to buy the Robux in case you couldn’t get it free?

If you aren’t able to get the robux this time. Then you can purchase it on the roblox site itself.

The reference of Roblux’s Payment Option are stated below

So there are the options you can choose to get Robux for free. Are you surprised that there are no Robux generators mentioned? Well because it is a pure scam. When the developer itself denies about that free virtual currency that actually the heart of their business, you should believe it.

These items that I mentioned is the legit way but it takes time, well everything takes time. For you to get those you need to work hard for it

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