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PS5 Release Date: What we all know so far

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ps5 to be launched on december

Playstation 5 is one of the anticipated release this 2020 because it has been 7 years since the new Playstation has been released in public. With that said, let’s discuss what the company has been confirmed.

It is expected to release at Holiday 2020

Based on reports PS5 release date will be around October to December 2020. Also, XBOX Series X is coming at Holiday 2020, so this will be a total clash for two competitors.

Virtual Reality (VR)

ps5 demo look or prototype

The next-generation Playstation 5 is supported by VR technology. There are also rumors of PSVR2.


Previously, the cost of Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro are $399 on its initial launch. We expect that the upcoming model will cost around $499 or maybe even more.


Playstation is having a screen resolution of up to 8K, higher than any standard 1080p televisions. For super-smooth movement in games and better enjoyment, Playstation 5 will also work at 120Hz refresh rates. Not mentioning that these specifications are incredibly impressive already, which is why a lot of people are waiting for it as a year-ender.

Additional things that you need to know

Almost all PS4 games are compatible with the upcoming PS5 this Holiday 2020. A lot of people are wondering if they can still play the games on PS5 so Mark Ceny, a Sony representative told this earlier in the public. However, early generations are yet to be confirmed.

PS5 release date is not delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus). This is good news for the gamers who are anticipating this upcoming generation of Playstation. Seven years is such a long time and also a lucky number for Sony.

Playstation 5 is still committing to use an SSD storage for all of their upcoming consoles. Just like before, they are offering an 825GB of storage that comes with a raw 5.5GB/s throughput. With that said, we certainly know that this console is a beast. However, with these specifications, XBOX Series X beats them with a 1 terabyte Custom NVME SSD and a 1 TB Expansion Card.

Things that they will announce soon

Surprisingly, Playstation is yet to announce the exact dimensions of Playstation 5. Also, we do not have information yet on how many ports that the PS5 has. This plays a huge part in the game because they need to release something unique and interesting especially when Microsoft releases the specifications all in one, pressuring them to do something better for them not to lose in the console war this decade.

The company also has kept its mouth shut if there are DirectX raytracing in Playstation 5 when their competitor has. Previously, this is a big feature that forms a significant advancement in computer graphics.

Also, Bluetooth function has not been confirmed yet by Sony and if there would be a Quick Resume and Smart Delivery.


Playstation 5 will surely be a top-notch console that will release this year, but it is war versus XBOX Series X basing on the specifications that both companies are offering to the market. Since a lot of functions are yet to be announced soon, we just need to wait and see if Sony will stand out as a winner in this console war.